What Happened To Sharon Rocha

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She did not return messages seeking comment. Sharon Rocha Laci Petersons mother also declined to comment.

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Laci Peterson was last seen at her family home in Modesto California.

What happened to sharon rocha. Sharon Rocha says something happened the last time she saw her daughter alive that made her doubt her son-in-law Scott Peterson. Well I wasnt sure exactly what had happened but I knew that Scott was responsible for it. Truth and Lies.

Rocha and others slowly grew suspicious of Lacis husband Scott Peterson. All proceeds are used to fund the Laci and Conner Search and Rescue Fund. In 2002 Scott Peterson murdered his pregnant wife Laci Rocha Peterson and dumped her body in the San Francisco Bay.

Laci Petersons mother Sharon Rocha had vigorously campaigned for Prop. Scott Peterson reported his. The Murder of Laci Peterson Sharon Rocha tells ABC News that she and her daughter who was eight months pregnant when she.

The California Fifth District Court of Appeals in Fresno later affirmed the trial courts decision on October 31 2007. In 2006 Sharon wrote For Laci. This is an interview with Lacis mother.

Sharon by that date January 23 you knew what had happened. 62 and said in 2016 she was pleased with the outcome. 66 and against Prop.

They came to believe from his odd behavior that he not only knew what happened to her he killed her himself. On December 19 2005 the money was given to Rocha as the executor of her estate. A Mothers Story of Love Loss and Justice a biography and memoir about Lacis life and death.

But it took hard evidence including secretly recorded.

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