How To Give Yourself Fake Freckles Without Makeup

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However make sure that you are working with clean exfoliated skin. To do this beauty hack yourself youll need an eyebrow pencil and a makeup blender.

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This one goes without saying.

How to give yourself fake freckles without makeup. So keep your eye and lip makeup simple. Use a foundation or moisturizer with Sun Protection Formula or SPF. This self-tanner from St.

Get a makeup expert to teach you how to be precise with makeup and how to give yourself. If you own a sunless tanning product you can easily use this to make fake freckles. See it and go darker if you wish to do so.

A base of at least 20 SPF or more if your skin is super fair is easy to apply before you put on makeup for the day. Stay out in the sun all day every day until they appear 2. These drawn spots will sit better if you have well-moisturized and healthy skin.

The color is a natural one that doesnt lean towards orange and it only needs to sit on the skin for a couple of hours to work instead of the usual 8 hours. Just by drawing it it will bring out a smattering effect on your face. Sunscreen is essential to your skin health.

The brush on this automatically gives me diverse-looking freckles for that more genuine look. You guys always ask on my instagram how I do them so I hope you enjoy this video. For todays video I wanted to teach you how to do my fake freckles.

I used Maybelline Brow Drama in Blonde. Today I will show you 5 different ways to do faux freckles thats are perfect for summer or anytimeThank you so much for watching this video and I. On the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful In The Know video producer Lisa Azcona gives herself fake freckles using an eyebrow pencil.

This would be a great. Tropez is perfect for the fake freckles trend for two reasons. Get a gel brow wand that has a spoolie tip and use it to dot freckles on your face.

When youre donning freckles makeup for the day you want them to be the star of the show. Place the brush at the base of your lashes and gently sweep it upward to completely coat your fringe. You can have a natural freckles impression by using your most trusted eyebrow pencil.

Be sure to give yourself skincare routines so those fake freckles would not look fake after all. Dispense a small amount of it into a dish and grab an angled or pointy brush that you will use to pick up the product. Dust or bronze your face where you wish to apply your fake freckles.

Get them tattooed on which is a bit stupid and pointless but if your serious about them then this is an option 3. Also make sure that you use a sunless tanning product that can dry quickly. Begin with an eyebrow shade that is one or two touches deeper from your skin type.

By using self-tanner you can give yourself faux freckles thatll last for a few days and thatll be apparent when youre not wearing any makeup. Lisa advises to pick an eyebrow pencil shade that will stand out against your skin tone. Wear a volumizing mascara like the LOréal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara Lasting Volume.

You got like three options here.

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