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How To Bring Out Blue Eyes Without Makeup

Apply a gold eye shadow to create a stunning and sophisticated look that is both classy and elegant. If the eyes are those of the baby blue eyes then you.

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Well first you should avoid brown and gold shadows because they tend to compete with the natural blue of the eyes you should also avoid blue eye makeup because it.

How to bring out blue eyes without makeup. For example those with blue eyes can help bring out the azure in their stare by adding some orange to their wardrobe. This will give your eyes a beautiful effect and will make them stand out. If you have bluegrey eyes opt for yellow-toned shades.

I show you how to create 5 different makeup looks that make blue eyes pop. When you have the blue eyes then one of the shadows that you need to keep away from is the Blue Shadow. Do not overdo it with mascara try mainly to obtain a curved effect on the eyelashes without going to accentuate the intensity of the product.

The important thing is to go to outline only the upper part of the eye. Keep the color the strongest along the lash line and then fade it as you move outward towards the crease of the eyelid. How to make blue eyes stand out.

Lastly Purdue also recommends purples burgundies and. Baby blue eyes contrast well with plum burgundy and brown tones while blue and yellow hues work best when you want to complement. Contrasting colors meanwhile can work just as well with shades.

Moisturize the skin around your eyes. There is no better color to bring out blue eyes with a dazzle than gold. If you are daring enough use an orange color palate.

Simply add a touch of mascara to the finished eyes and you are ready to turn heads. If you have darker blue eyes yellows and orange shades will help them stand out more. When you use a contrasting eye shadow color like bronze tan or brown hues you really let your blue eyes stand out.

If you have green eyes wearing an emerald green top or scarf might help to bring out those verdant tones. I also share tips on how to make blue eyes stand. I know carrots do that but i am not a big fan of carrots.

If you have bluegreen eyes opt for an orange-toned eyeshadow blush hair accessory or shirt. In this way the eye is not weighed down by make up. If you have bluebrown eyes opt for yellowgreen undertones.

Really any cream will work but I recommend OLAY FACIAL MOISTURIZER which I bought from Woolworths.

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