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How To Dry Makeup Brushes On A Hanger

BEAKLEY Makeup Brush Drying Rack 9. Here are some hacks to hang the makeup brushes upside down.

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Make sure the bristles are facing down when you attach them.

How to dry makeup brushes on a hanger. So for air drying you must know how to hang makeup brushes upside down. One way to air dry your brushes is to have a rod and a lot of hair ties. It should dry within five minutes It also helps to let them hang on a drying rack so that the bristles do not get bent.

After you wash your brushes use your hand to gently squeeze out excess water. Secure the ends of the wet brushes between two pieces of masking tape then clip the tape onto the hanger. Eye makeup – 4 Stars Up Eyes Makeup.

I video taped as I was going so I had some bumps on the road to succ. Attach brushes to a clothes hanger. Say you dont have rubber bands but you have a ton of chip clips or clothespins.

If your brush is taking forever to dry try using your hairdryer on low heat. She shared a photo on the Makeup Addiction subreddit showing how she used an Octopus-shaped clothes hanger from Ikea to dry her brushes faster and more effectively. Start With a Clean Towel Pick a flat surface with an edge bathroom countertop table dresser etc and lay out.

To air-dry the makeup brushes hang them upside down. Masking tape and a skirtpants hanger with clips. Reshape the damp brushes to restore and preserve their shape Hang them.

I actually write in here All of your answers will be in here Hello everybody. Plus you can ensure that any water that did get in while washing can seep right out. Quick DIY Makeup Brush Drying Method.

What is the best way to dry makeup brushes. Using either rubber bands or hair ties attach the handles of your brushes to the bottom of a clothes hanger. When completely dry fluff the bristles up to soften them.

You can use the hair ties to hang all your makeup brushes on. Let Brushes Air Dry. Hang your brushes by clipping the handles over the pants hanger bar on a clothes hanger.

How to Dry Your Makeup Brushes STEP 1. Beauty Personal Care. Behold the most creative makeup brush drying technique.

Makeup Removal Tips. The best way to dry makeup brushes is upside down. I wanted to put those toe separators to use so I made my own makeup brush drying hanger.

Pat the brush dry on a towel then reshape the bristles while the brush is still damp. Now that you have clean makeup. Makeup brushes should be dried with bristles downward to prevent damage to the ferrule.

Hanging Brushes to Dry. Run the bristles again just the bottom half under lukewarm water until the water runs clear. This drying rack is great because its specifically designed to hold your wet makeup brushes upside down.

Todays video is how to dry your brushes upside down. Online shopping for Beauty Personal Care from a great selection of Eyeshadow Eyeliner Eyebrow Color Mascara Lash Enhancers Primers Liner Shadow Combinations more at everyday low prices. Use a rod and hair ties.

This tutorial is showing you how to make your own inexpensive brush. By drying them upside down you can prevent water from seeping inside. Place the brush on a hard surface with the bristles hanging over the edge and allow them to dry.

Place them on a microfiber towel fold the towel over the top and press gently to remove even more water. Here is a quick tip on how best to dry your makeup brushes post cleaning so that they last longer dry in shape and dont fall apart on youThank you so much. Youre going to need a makeup brush drying rack like this one.

Youll want to check the bristles by touching them with you hand before you use them to make sure they are dry.

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