How To Pierce Your Cartlige

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Thank you for watching. This process may take up to 30 minutes as its important to take your time while stretching.

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Cartilage piercing care is surprisingly easy if you do what you should.

How to pierce your cartlige. The piercing is not on one but through two or more piercings in their ear cartilage. Gently insert the taper bit by bit until you get to the thickest end then insert your new jewelry. Even just letting shower water run over the piercing is enough but dont let soap from shampoo cover the piercingPat dry the area after it has been cleaned and only use hypoallergenic jewelry that fits snugly in place.

When you agree on the exact placement of the piercing the piercer will use a hollow needle to pierce the cartilage and they will insert the jewelry immediately after. The Nose Cartilage Piercing. Once youve got the new jewelry in youre all set.

There is a reason professionals use needles attached to the jewelry and there is a reason they do it for you where they can have a good vantage point unlike your own bathroom mirror. All of my piercings have turned out g. THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR EVERYONE if you.

The process takes a few minutes to complete from start to finish. Here we go ag. READ MEI have gotten LOADS of hate comments from this video.

Yes Im sorry this is a re-upload there was an issue at the end of the video and if I didnt fix it I wouldve gone insane hahahey guys. In this double cartilage piercing both parts of the ear connect with the aid of the barbell jewelry. After setting up their piercing station your piercer will clean your ear and mark the spot that will be pierced.

There are so many risks for infection – and even shattering the cartilage of your ear – that are present that truthfully it was bold of me to risk. At this point you have to choose the piercing spot for your piercer to mark it out with a surgical pen. It is important to continue with proper aftercare while stretching.

I know I did some things wrong but I learned from it. Wash the piercing with clean water or a saline solution only. The most popular style of the industrial piercings most people go for is the one that passes through the helix and anti-helix.

WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS and I ENCOURAGE YOU to see a professional but if you cannot this is how I DO IT at home. After this part is done the piercing master will fix your cartilage with a clamp and pull a needle through it. When the hole is made the jewelry is inserted.

For more information on the cartilage piercing watch the video here.

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