How To Quickly Clean Makeup Brushes Between Clients

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In my opinion using a brusher cleanser helps keep my brushes look and feel soft. Gabriel De Santino CEO of Gabriel Cosmetics and makeup artist says An excellent way to keep makeup clean is to wash your hands before using a product and toss it out when it expires but if you want to take it a step further its actually pretty simple to sanitize your makeup.

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In this video I filmed aaaaall the way in May -__- lol pls dont beat me I tell you the secret no its really not though all the professional.

How to quickly clean makeup brushes between clients. This is going to go quickly. 1 Spot Cleaning is what is done between using different colors and clients. For deep cleaning mac brush cleanser.

Obviously youre not going to soak your brushes in between clientsSimply spray it on the brush and and use paper towel to take off the residue. Take TowelTissueKitchen towel Second step. But i only use this method between clients.

A few sprays will kill bacteria and then wipe the brush onto a clean tissue. When Quynh cleanses her brushes with her shampoo-filled cup of water she swishes each brush in the soapy water and rinses them under clean running water she. The first step is to find a brush cleaner.

As mentioned above when I work on numerous members of the bridal party I have a make-up brush sanitising spray that I use between each and every client. Run some lukewarm water and add a bit of soap to the palm of your hand. For between clients i use sephora spray brush cleaser.

Its really important to clean brushes when working with multiple people there are. I was taught that. It also dries in seconds so can be used again pretty much instantly.

Also sometimes I combine that with baby wipes or make up remover wipes. Swirl the bristles on the tissuetowel until it stops leaving any color. How to sanitize makeup brushes between clients fast.

Heres how to clean makeup brushes. While some makeup artists use dish soap on brushes if youre unsure how that will interact with your skin stick to a product made specifically for. All you need is 70 isopropyl alcohol and a spray bottle to put.

I spray each brush 3-4 times then rub it back and forth on a clean tissue and its dry. Then using the paper towel draw circular motions with the brush. Give it a thorough coating.

Squeeze the excess water out of the brush heads and reshape them with your hands. KEY POINT- bristles must be saturated with brush cleanser before wiping it down. When cleaning with a brush cleaner hold some paper towels behind your brush and spray the brush cleaner directly onto the brush.

Applyspray makeup brush cleanser on the tissuetowel Third step. 1 Spray cleanser onto a paper towel. Swirl your brushes against your palm until there is no more lather and the water rinses clear.

A cute little spray wont cut it saturate those bristles even if it means pouring a small amount of cleanser into a. Ok girl heres the step by step process on how to spot clean makeup brushes. They probably use a spot brush cleanser which is just liquid soap with some alcohol to sterilize the brush.

I dilute alcohol with water and use that for in between deep cleaning.

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