What Can I Use If I Don't Have A Makeup Sponge

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This factor is super important. I am aware that professional makeup artists across the land are using this tool to create flawless looks on their clients.

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Whether youre traveling without a full array of beauty tools or simply dont own any all hope isnt lost for your look.

What can i use if i don't have a makeup sponge. A great makeup sponge will be easy to clean and rinse easily to avoid product buildup andor bacteria. You can make do without makeup brushes by strategically using sponges or your fingers to apply your eye makeup. Or consider buying a sponge thats designed to be cleaned and re-used like the BeautyBlender or the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge sold at Target.

While both beauty tools are commonly used for applying foundation the difference is all in the finish makeup artist Abraham Sprinkle told InStyle. Ability to Clean. You dont have to use a makeup sponge with all of these I personally do not like using a sponge for my primer but using a makeup sponge can be helpful for many product applications.

Sea sponges are made of sea mined natural materials. These sponges are two major types on the market. But dont give up just yet.

Make sure to scrunch the sponge intermittently to really get the soap into the core of the sponge. The lather is the key to the soap being able to permeate the sponge. I prefer mine scrambled hard with salt and pepper and pork bacon on the side.

Using a sponge such as the Beauty Blender leaves a gorgeous even finish that no other beauty tool can mimic. Makeup sponges have been a makeup artist favorite for years and the rest of the world is finally catching on. In comparison to naturally occurring sponges synthetic sponges are engineered for a single use.

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. They are built to last a long time and can be use if dont have a makeup sponge. This is a hard pass for me.

A smart place to start is understanding the difference between using a makeup brush versus a sponge. I dont use blenders much in my routine but when I contour I need to use one. While totally true learning the virtues of makeup brushes can be discouraging if you dont have or cant use brushes for whatever reason.

Rub every inch of the sponge against the bar soap under running water. Wet the bar soap with warm water and rub it until it lathers. There are other affordable beauty sponges worth every penny this is definitely not one of them.

Synthetic sponges are made of synthetic materials from their name. I appreciate what a beauty blending sponge can do. The ideal makeup sponge has a soft texture so that its comfortable to use and it should also be flexible so that it can easily bounce and bend to evenly distribute the product.

This Allure editor hasnt used a makeup sponge in two years and has no intention of using one ever again. The cult-favorite sponge is the original Beautyblender its a pink egg-shaped edgeless makeup sponge you can use to apply anything from moisturizer to eyeshadow and it retails for 20. If I want a seamless wash or blend I love a sponge but for saturation or precision I use a brush he said.

If you use it incorrectly however it can also leave your wallet a little thinner. This sponge is extremely stiff does not blend and absorbs most of your foundation. But if youre feeling particularly experimental then turn your breakfast into.

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