Why Do Girls Wear Bras

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This would depend first of all on the breast size and secondly on the womans habits. Bras have been marketed to women as a way to help lessen back pain lift up the breasts and provide extra support.

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However some women wear bras for personal reasons.

Why do girls wear bras. Theres perhaps no single piece of clothing that divides Women as much as the humble Bra. Let me know what you think in the comm. Women with smaller breasts wear padded bra in order to come up to crazy beauty standards that require women to have full breasts.

Due to social norms a girl is expected to be in a certain shape and is restricted from interaction with the public when she hits puberty. When a bra is properly fitted about 80 of this weight is carried by the band and the remainder by the shoulders. Empowering but some feels it ties Women down to how the society wants them to look so which is it women in the first century were using Breasts bands while playing sports more.

Today I am talking about how bras came to be in todays society and the movement towards gender equality. In a book called A thousand splendid suns a mother asked her daughter to be very careful and feminine because she had started wearing bras. Wearing bras can improve your posture and prevent a lot of spine problems and back pain.

Very large and heavy-breasted women usually need to wear bras for support and they feel pain and discomfort if they dont wear bras. In high school these days none of the girls wear panties any more In fact if girls see you wearing them they make fun of you like non stop Only the losers wear panties My parents just stopped buying them for me cause they knew I never wore them Natural I come from a hippy family and we never wore panties. Why do women wear bras.

Breast sagging is in fact genetic. But the way I look at it is that only women with a light bust can exercise the option to wear or not wear Ask any woman with a load to carry on her chest and she would swear by her need to wear a bra. In this article well explain why going braless might just be the one of the best decisions youve ever made.

They wear it to support and reveal their breasts to give a proper shape to the body and to improve the looks of their breasts. Also women in sports would prefer to do all their jogging and running with. Women with large breasts can usually attest to the back and spine pain that comes with their curves.

While bras might serve a purpose for working out wearing them all the time can do much more harm than good. When a bra fits poorly most of the weight is. It can be both liberating and shacking for many it is.

However you should wear a. When you carry such a heavy load in the front of your body your back has to compensate for the weight if youre not wearing support. The whole point of wearing a bra is to redistribute some or all of the weight of your bust onto the shoulders and waist area.

Women with small-to-medium size breasts if they are used to wearing bras probably feel a little uncomfortable without them. The bra changes the shape of your breasts only while you are actually wearing it. Basic Purpose of Bra.

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